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Blood Urge:

Paranormal Sci-fi Alien Romance

Book 1

Can an alien fated mate stop the rage keeping me isolated in my dimension?

An alien contagion plagues the Earth, turning friends and neighbors into zombie-like killers. Warriors arrived to help, but they get a little distracted when they realize their fated mate is in danger. When dimension phasing Sinth arrive, they’re driven by blood rage to mate for life.

Discover the stories of a student trapped in her father’s hunting cabin, a woman working in the military, and the couple that started it all, a volunteer in South America, working to build schools for children.

Don’t miss out on these fated mate alien romances guaranteed to have you wanting a Sinth Warrior for your own!

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When human Hannah is abducted from her lab rotating around Mars, she’ll do anything she can to survive. But first, she’ll have to resist her desire for Bren, the possessive alien who’s determined to claim her… A tantalizing sci-fi romance!

Someone abducted me from Earth, operated on my head, and then dumped me on a purple planet! I don’t remember getting abducted or sent here. I just wake up—and I’m here. What the heck is going on?

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When human Amy is abducted from a national forest on Earth, she’ll do anything she can to survive the sickness of the deadly virus her abductors have exposed her to. But first, she’ll have to convince her rescuer, Mavin, to take her home. The possessive alien is determined to stick with her… A mesmerizing sci-fi romance!

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I love to write about the same genre I love to read…
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Right now, I can’t imagine writing anything else. From earth to the stars, I’m always thinking about what if…

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